An english garden in the City

Design and realisation of a villa in Arese

In the marvellous garden of a villa in Arese (designed and built by the Archiverde di Jerago company), you have immediately the sense of being enveloped by nature and the sense of smell is captured by the scent of a beautiful collection of Iceberg roses.

English style and elegance in a city garden

An over ten years old garden designed from the structure of the house with the idea of having an English-style green space, romantic and full of fragrant and colourful blooms. The house is surrounded by picturesque corners, embellished with flowers and wonderful colours.

An outdoor dining area surrounded by greenery allows to enjoy the wonderful views of each wisteria specimen. The family has the opportunity to use a space in front of the house to relax and spend evenings with friends, thanks also to the trees that guarantee privacy.

The green area also features a parterre full of boxwood shrubs and borders, shaped using the techniques of topiary art.


Cesare Zacchetti