Even summer at home can become a luxury

Living is not enough… sunshine, freedom and a little flower are needed.

(Hans Christian Andersen)

A penthouse with all comforts

Summer: good weather and time to relax in the outdoors of one’s own home. Archiverde helps customers who wish to realise unique spaces in their homes with all the potential of a modern, functional, but also aesthetically beautiful home.

What we are admiring in the picture is a penthouse, where being at home and feeling like a dream holiday is almost the same.

The client chose to go for a solution where the greenery becomes a frame, which lightens and refreshes a space that is more ‘artificial’ than natural, but a the same time cosy.

Infact, in this Penthouse nothing is really missing. Firstly, the built-in, full optional kitchen, with appliances suitable for outdoor use, makes the room absolutely practical and functional for preparing lunches and dinners outdoors, without interfering with the interior. All the comforts of a real home are transferred to the outdoors to fully experience your home in every season.

Contrasts and balances

Complessivamente si crea un clima allegro, grazie ai colori scelti nell’arredo. Polychromy is prevalent, with bright orange and blue standing out and contrasting with each other. At the same time remind the Mediterranean colours.

The study of materials was intense because the exterior requires unalterable and valid fabrics. Therefore, umbrellas and tables in teak and steel were chosen, while batyline, a highly aesthetic and weather-resistant fabric were chosen for the seats.

The colours of the vegetation, on the other hand, remain in glaucous grey tones to contrast the warm colours used in the furniture.

What most stands for relax in this penthouse is certainly the central structure: the Kokoon canopy. A luxury piece of outdoor furniture, Royal Botania is made from fine materials such as teak wood, nautical fabrics and stainless steel fittings. The seat is softly upholstered for comfort and a top cover protects the seat from the sun.

Reaching a tropical island, at least with the mind, becomes very easy.


Cesare Zacchetti