Extraordinary works

The Jerago con Orago-based company Archiverde.it owns a construction site for a park in the capital of Saudi Arabia. The construction site is about a construction of a private park in a residential area of Riyadh.

It is a very complex work as various factors such as climatic conditions, phytosanitary regulations and water supply for the plants come into play.


Why Archiverde?

It all started in early 2020 after contacting several international companies. After a preliminary interview Archiverde was awarded of the design work of the park.

Specimen plants from a Sicilian nursery such as Chorisia speciosa were chosen.

The next steps were about permits to import plants into Arabia in compliance with health regulations.

Shipping is by ship in temperature-controlled containers. The transport takes about 10 days. In the meanwhile the plants are controlled only for essential needs.

Once the plants arrive in the destination country, they are left in a temporary nursery waiting to get to the final destination.

For this private park in addition to the construction work, the company was asked about the lighting system, underground services and the internal road system.


Cesare Zacchetti