Verbano queens in a historical park

Flowers are the eyes which look at nature with.

(Gerhard Uhlenbruck)

The history of a garden

The creation of gardens is the focal point of Archiverde’s activities. A team of experienced gardeners and architects guide the customer in the realisation of an idea, which then becomes a project and finally a reality.

The services that Archiverde offer include both the creation of new gardens and the maintenance of existing ones, as in this case. We are in a historic and prestigious villa on Lake Maggiore, which required extensive restoration work on the historic park to return it to its former glory.

Archiverde’s work has sought to bring back what once made the villa shine and majestic. In fact, the garden is an essential part of historic villas, where families of ancient times loved to spend summer afternoons walking and enjoying the coolness coming from the nearby lake.

The Queens of Lake Maggiore

Green is absolutely dominant, but, at the same time, Archiverde’s work wanted to emphasise the recovery of the acidophiles: the queen plants of Lake Maggiore, which give the park a surprising variability of colour and light.

Acidophilic plants, in fact, have the peculiar characteristic of being colourful and at the same time very hardy plants, so they often become the most common protagonists not only in historical parks, but also in the gardens of ordinary houses.

Azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias, hydrangeas and many others are plants that are known and desired by all, even by those without a particularly green thumb, because of their beauty.

Their flowers radiate joy and announce the beginning of spring and the rebirth of nature.

Great works in great territories

Again, the context in which Archiverde operates is various, where the magic offered by nature helps to create gardens that are not only beautiful, but with spectacular views.

Just take a walk through these historic gardens and you will immediately feel as if you are immersed in another era, full of charm and mystery.


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Cesare Zacchetti