Archiverde makes a princely dream come true

from dream to reality

What we present to you today is a project that exceeds all expectations and limits: the concrete proof that Archiverde can turn customers’ dreams into reality.

We are in Saudi Arabia, in the residential district of Riyadh and the story of this work seems to be an ancient fable. The desire to build a fabulous park starts with a special customer: a princess, who brings an ambitious request to Archiverde. The creation of an air-conditioned garden to enjoy its beauty even in the high temperatures typical of the area, themed avenues, swimming pools and a spring that represents the Genesis.

From the very first preliminary interview, Archiverde’s staff grasped the complexities, bureaucratic and technical, of the project, but also saw in it an excellent opportunity to grow as an internationally competitive company.

The results did not disappoint expectations even though getting there was not easy. Starting with the choice of tree species, imported from all over the world and carefully selected so that they could survive the torrid, dry climate. The company also had to hire a specialist to take care of the necessary documentation for the transfer of the plants as well as the choice of the best logistics for their health.

Risks and success

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the confrontation with a completely different culture, with which, however, there was still the need to empathise in order to fully understand the customer’s needs and consequently, satisfy them.

But only such risky and complex work could have led to such an astonishing result: a majestic park where the visitor’s sense of smell is enhanced by the scent of the world’s most fragrant essences and the sight is enhanced by admiring the precious sculptures or the mosaic of amethysts.

Today, Archiverde can boast the achievement of a further milestone that enriches the wealth of skills and experience to offer to future customers.

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Cesare Zacchetti