Creating value through beauty

We share with you the interview that Alessandro Ferrario, technical director of Archiverde, recently gave at the Design Week in Varese. Let’s find out with him what it means to design something from the point of view of a historical company, paying attention to the most important values of today’s world.

A definition of Design

From Alessandro Ferrario’s words we can see that design is a fusion of many disciplines: art, sculpture, philosophy, both in traditional and innovative forms. It usually reflects trends, but becomes authentic when it leaves its mark over time. Archiverde has also made history by initially operating in the Varese area and being a point of reference for horticultural companies and collaboration between architects and gardeners, and has now evolved into a company that handles international projects.

Vision and values of a company with zero impact

Archiverde, as a brand, sees design as an added value to transform the mere construction of green spaces into a search of beauty, which is a human need. The goal is then to inspire through one’s own performance: the work of art that works is th one that can trigger enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is also the feeling that young people bring to the company, in whom Archiverde firmly believes, as they are the carriers of innovation and creativity. The same effect is also caused by including people from all over the world in the staff to create a collaboration between cultures and emotions.

Therefore, great importance is attached to labour inclusion, but also to environmental sustainability. We can call it a company that has no impacton the environment and is aware of the materials it uses. The protocols that the company follows are very strict and natural pesticides that are not chemically active are always used.

This is also reflected in the collaborations the company enters into, such as with Forever Bamboo, which works to reduce the carbon dioxide produced by companies.

Cesare Zacchetti