Green design in the workplace

Biophilic design: a new trend for workplaces

The ever-present trend to enhance green spaces is moving towards workplaces, transforming offices into environments where physical and psychological benefits can also be archieved.

We are talking about biophilic designthat deals with rethinking workplaces by integrating natural elements. Many measures are being implemented by modern companies to improve workers’ health, such as introducing gyms or company nurseries.

This is how promoting access to green spaces also becomes a way of building well-being in several senses. Many studies recently have shown how nature can:

  • bring more physical and mental health, promoting concentration and decreasing stress.
  • Increasing productivity: A study conducted in 2016 by CBRE compared the performance of two work groups; one working in a classical environment, the other in a space with lots of greenery. In the green environment, work performance was 10% higher. Furthermore, 76% of the participants felt more energetic, 78% happier and 65% healthier.
  • More well-being and cleaner air also means lower absenteeism and higher company fidelity.

An indoor green project

Archiverde, whose core business is green design, has just introduced an indoor green project in the new Global engineering centre in Nhoa. Not only green but an all-round project, which also includes spaces dedicated to physical activity and new technologies that provide greater connectivity by facilitating contact between those who do home offce and those who don’t.

Fostering biophilia, which is the innate human tendency to be in contact with nature, seems to be the key to feeling good at work too.

Cesare Zacchetti