Green becomes the protagonist also in the city

Green is the world’s main colour and that from which its beauty springs.

(Pedro Calderon de la Barca)

Green in the heart of City Life

Summer is almost over and the time has come to return to the cities. That is why today we offer you an intervention by Archiverde, right in the Lombard metropolis, Milan, which in recent years has increasingly demonstrated its interest in becoming an even greener and more attentive city to its green spaces.

One of the most modern and recently built districts of Milan is certainly City Life, which with its skyscrapers gives the city a contemporary and cosmopolitan look. The parks and natural areas are not missing there. Creating a green lung even where one would expect concrete construction to prevail.

Even inside private homes they wanted to maintain this line, and Archiverde stepped in to help customers create modern outdoor environments in their homes, but with a touch of nature, in perfect harmony with the style of the neighbourhood.

Pay attention to the details

Particular attention was paid to the choice of vases, in coordination with the building, both in terms of texture and colour: a simple, linear but elegant white. Furthermore, the choice of vases does not only play an aesthetic role, but also a functional one: they contain a water supply inside them and makes the care and maintenance of the vegetation easier.

The essences, on the other hand, have been selected so as not to become an overly decorative or prissy element, but to maintain the line of essentiality. Therefore, we choos monochrome, but opted for plants with strong and obvious shapes.

The Archiverde company therefore, in this case, demonstrates its experience and professionalism by inventing and creating green spaces, even where natural elements are not predominant.

Cesare Zacchetti