Essentiality as synonymous with well-being

Simplicity is the greatest sophistication.

(Leonardo da Vinci)

Relaxing in simplicity

Often, what is enough to feel good is the essentials. You don’t always need impressive works or jaw-dropping achievements to fully enjoy the space in your home. On the contrary, more often than not it is simplicity, harmony and balance that bring peace and well-being.

This is the direction Archiverde has taken in creating this splendid balcony, located in a penthouse in the beautiful city of Lugano. A small corner of peace, where you can find refreshment after a long day’s work, or where you can spend your free time in serenity. In creating the perfect atmosphere, the lake, framed by the mountains, which offer a panoramic view of the terrace, makes a significant contribution.

Furniture and natural elements in perfect harmony

The greenery was designed to fit harmoniously between the simple and essential elements of the furniture. The modern character is reflected in the choice of plants: plants with angular leaf blades that recall the metallic character of the furniture.

Colours are kept to a minimum: grey and ecru are predominant, with only a few small touches of bright white and a hint of red in the flowers that frame the landscape.

Everything is designed to sublimate essentiality.

The space is divided into two different areas, one covered, creating a shady and regenerating zone, while the other remains completely open, to breathe in the fresh air of summer evenings.

Enhancing nature even in the city

Archiverde’s experience and expertise in landscaping are therefore available, not only to those who have a garden, but also to those who want to enrich the outdoor space of a flat or penthouse, making the most of the potential of their rooms.

Ideal for those who love living in the city but do not want to give up a corner of peace and freshness. All this without moving from home.

Cesare Zacchetti