Green and fresh air to forget the city

“Great things are accomplished when men and mountains meet.”

(William Blake)

Finding the right inspiration in nature

The mountain is the place that represents the majesty and purity of nature. This is exactly where the magnificent creation by Archiverde is placed.

More precisely, we are in the splendid setting of Saint Vincent, a town in the Aosta Valley famous for its thermal baths and the beauty of its unspoilt landscapes.

In such a context, it’s easy to find the inspiration to create a garden that blends harmoniously with its surroundings, becoming a crowning glory to the beauty that nature itself already archieved.

Ancient memories and bright colours

An old larch stands proudly in the centre of the garden, almost as if to tell the ancient history of the place. He brings back memories, which, thanks to his presence, are never forgotten, even with the passing of the years.

The larch has always been associated with spirituality and symbolises light and rebirth. It is no coincidence that he grew up in a place full of such a charm, where man can find peace and refreshment, in contact with the most authentic and genuine nature.

Just by looking at the photos of this beautiful garden, we can already imagine the goodness and purity of the air in the middle of so much greenery and clear air.

The colours chosen for the blooms came out thanks to the purity of the air. Archiverde opted for large, strong and contrasting monochrome samples. The bright red roses are embraced by the surrounding lush, boundless greenery.

A garden where you can enjoy moments of absolute relaxation and completely detach your mind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Designing greenery from sea to mountain

As you can see, Archiverde’s experience and expertise in designing and constructing gardens can be found in a wide variety of contexts, from warm seascapes to cool, regenerating mountains.

But in any location, the design of greenery involves a careful study of its properties in order to achieve realisations in perfect harmony with the place that hosts them.

Nature, of course, is always the great protagonist on every stage where Archiverde intervenes.

Cesare Zacchetti