Developing to improve nature

Nature paints for us, day after day, images of infinite beauty.

(John Ruskin)

Redevelopment in a winery

Monferrato is a place of infinite beauty where hills and vineyards alternate with historic and characteristic villages. A place where time almost seems to stand still and where the ancient values associated with rural life are still relevant.

It is in these territories that we find the intervention of Archiverde, in the Montemagno Estate. We are located in the province of Asti, in a structure that is not only receptive, but also produces wines of the highest quality, with DOC and DOCG certifications, which become the full expression of the territory, rich in history and work. On the other hand, the relais originates from an ancient structure, the foundations of which have been preserved as a testimony to the ancient architecture of the area.

A place where nothing is really missing: nature, wellness, hospitality, food and wine culture.

The winery asked Archiverde to carry out both a design and redevelopment of its outdoor areas, especially in the entrance areas, in order to offer a pleasant welcome to the guests.

Montemagno 4
Montemagno 2

Flowers to lighten the landscape

We could say that nature, in itself, had already done a great job, offering the viewer views of boundless landscapes and vast expanses of green countryside, but what Archiverde wanted to do was to refine and embellish what was already on offer.

The inclusion of flowers served to soften the context and lighten it. Light and delicate tones were chosen to give delicacy and grace. We then find a long row of mulberry trees and grasses, which lend lightness to the nature. Finally, white roses, which have always been associated with innocence and purity.

The design was constantly managed to not distort the landscape, but to intervene gently, emphasising the landscape frame.

Montemagno 3

Cesare Zacchetti