The art of design and creation

Garden design is the heart of creating green spaces. Designing and realising requires passion and professionalism, and only green professionals can convey emotions with their achievements.

When we are involved by the essences and colours of a well-crafted project, we can feel its soul, we feel it living in harmony with everything around us. When all the fundamental elements in garden design such as research, imagination and technology are amalgamated, the ‘culture’ of design aimed at the environment and landscape takes shape.

Archiverde has been carrying out its work with extreme professionalism in Italy and around the world for more than 50 years.

A team of experienced landscape architects, garden technicians and agronomists work on feasibility studies, ideas and emotions for different types of design, from indoor garden, outdoor garden, garden design with swimming pool to park design, terrace design, public green or international green space design.


The staff is characterised by reliability and experience: advanced methodologies and technologies allow the realisation of projects from classic to designer gardens.

Green professionals, thanks to well-established scientific and cultural knowledge, are able to grasp and imagine the changes in shape, colour and growth of plants over time and in seasonal changes, and with the latest technology they have the opportunity to achieve great results.

Even with limited space it is possible to reproduce wonderful designs such as terraces and roof gardens that are able to arouse the emotions of all nature lovers who live in the city centre and hardly have a large outdoor green area available.

Cesare Zacchetti