A Little Mediterranean Dubai

“When one crosses the entrance arch to the temple of dreams, there, right there, is the sea…”

(Luis Sepulveda)

Impressive design

What we like to present to you this week is an example of impressive planning that involved various aspects and different professions. We are in the deep south of Italy, in Basilicata, where the client’s wish was truly ambitious: to recreate a small Dubai, but with the elegance that distinguishes Italian style.

The object of the design was A wonderful resort in which to spend a holiday not only relaxing, but also engaging in various fun and recreational activities.

Memories of Dubai

Archiverde took up the challenge and worked on the project with enthusiasm.

The first step in approaching the Arab emirate was to build an artificial harbour, which meant draining part of the sea. This also made it possible to create artificial islands with diaphragms, which immediately bring to mind images of the exotic, surreal city of Dubai.

This alone might be enough to explain the impressive nature of the work, but Archiverde did not stop there.

A touch of the Mediterranean

Once again, it was impossible to miss an intervention on greenery, which is the company’s greatest specialisation.

The gardens of the entire hotel were landscaped. The greatest part of the work is the beautiful, scenic swimming pool, with its refreshingly blue waters and artificial fountains and rocks to frame and embellish it.

In addition, a golf course has been designed for the resort’s guests to offer them moments of leisure and sport in a paradisiacal setting.

In order to place greenery in a maritime context, many precautions had to be taken: a careful agronomic and vegetation study ensured that particular essences, with the ability to resist salinity, were placed in the gardens.

A superb, daydreaming work.


Cesare Zacchetti