Creating a colourful garden

“A flower blooms out because of its own joy.”

(Oscar Wilde)

A ‘carefree’ garden

The garden of a house has not to be underestimated when you decide to buy a property or to renovate it. Archiverde, a company with over fifty years of experience, specialised in the creation of gardens, knows this very well. The garden, as in this case, can become an escape route and a place to take your mind off.

A vast space, with large expanses of green, giving oxygen and a feeling of freedom. but that’s not all The flowers chosen for this garden evoke the most beautiful colours of summer, to bring back the mood of this season.

The colourful and cheerful flowers become precious nectar for the bees, but also for the well-being of man, who can find peace in nature, right at home.

Possamai 8

Expertise but also lightness

The hues chosen range over various shades of red, offering liveliness and cheerfulness.

The flowers are characterised by light petals, as a contour to golden buttons, peeping out in a cluster of stamens.

At the same time, among the delicate flowers, massive plants also stand out, giving the property large areas of shade.

A creation that certainly requires expertise, but at the same time sends out a message of serenity and lightness.

Designing a garden that satisfies the need to feel in harmony with nature becomes possible with the help of a team of experts who meet the customer’s needs and help them structure a tailor-made solution.

The green space becomes, in that way, an enhanced and enriched environment, representing the image of the property.

Cesare Zacchetti