Bonds and harmony in an oasis of peace

“What I want is for everything to be circular like with no beginning and no end to the form, but instead for it to give the idea of a harmonious whole, the one of the life.”

(Vincent Van Gogh)

Harmony between art and nature

What we want to present to you today is the creation of a true oasis of peace within a private garden.

What you can immediately see is the overall balance, which contributes even more to the feeling of well-being that nature already provides.

In the centre of the luxurious garden stands a gazebo, a metal structure in Corten iron, deliberately designed to be material and imposing. Its thickness is, however, softened by the vegetation inserted into the outer surface, which manages to give it a nevertheless elegant and natural appearance.

But the centrepiece of the realisation is definitely the gazebo floor, specially painted by an Australian artist. The theme is, needless to say, floral, so as not to forget nature even in elements that are not natural.

Harmony of colours

Archiverde carefully researched the blooms to be placed around the gazebo, so that lanuance of colours exactly mirrored that of the painting, thus in the succession of each season. The tones of blue, green and white are therefore predominant and blend harmoniously with those depicted in the flooring.

Even the choice of décor has sense. There is a table where guests can sit in a cool, invigorating area. The yellow, tending to acid green, is a perfect match for the daisy on which the chairs are placed.

Ties as the core Business

Balance and bonding are the common thread that unites the various elements, both in this portion of the garden and throughout the rest of the park.

Archiverde which was chosen for this project because of its experience and expertise in the creation of gardens, intervened without disturbing the harmony, but rather emphasising it through a careful study of the entire area.


Cesare Zacchetti