The Rebirth of History in the Park of Villa Cantoni

“History is the testimony of the past, the light of truth, the life of memory, the teacher of life, the herald of ancient times.”


An historical project

On this occasion, we would like to present to you an impressive and challenging project, which saw Archiverde at work for two years, until an excellent result was achieved.

We are talking about the conservative restoration of the park of the splendid Villa Cantoni in Arona, on the charming Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore. A historical villa, whose walls have witnessed important figures, who became the bearers of stories passed down to the present day.

Like any place steeped in so much history, it also brings back memories of unhappy times. The Cantoni family, of Jewish origin, saw among its illustrious members, some victims of the Holocaust and the villa itself was raided and attacked.

Rinascita dell’antica essenza

Only a few years ago, after numerous attempts to restore its splendour, Villa Cantoni was able to see the light again thanks to the conservative restoration work carried out in collaboration with the Turin superintendency.

What we can admire today is the work that aimed to give new life to the villa, without sacrificing or modifying its ancient essence.

Enriching history and nature

The park, which Archiverde undertook to create, features the typical cornerstones of an English garden. Artificial elements, such as fountains are inserted harmoniously with the surrounding nature, without ever sacrificing it, but on the contrary, giving it greater richness.

The blossoms give even more light to the majestic villa, appearing as a rainbow of bright and shining colours.

The panoramic view overlooks Lake Maggiore, mirroring another famous bastion of Verbano’s history and culture: the Rocca di Angera.

In this realisation, the expertise of Archiverde, which has always offered its experience for projects of the most diverse genres, is clearly apparent, knowing how to adapt to the personality and specific needs of the client with whom it interfaces.


Cesare Zacchetti