Exotic Christmas in the City

That’s exaclty the feeling An outdoor corner that reminds the atmosphere of a Caribbean resort. This is the scenographic project realised by Archiverde for the restyling of an exclusive terrace in the heart of Gallarate.

A great work that cames from the careful choice of architectural and furnishing elements in perfect balance with highly sought-after essences. Nature is the protagonist for the entire terrace that sorrounds the top floor of a stately building.

In and out are together thanks to the glass walls of this luxurious penthouse, a great combination that allowed the designers to come up with something unique.

Essences that coloured every corner of the terrace red were planted in the white concrete planters. It is a warm and decisive shade that prevails in the autumn season thanks to the choice of plants such as Acer palmatum ‘Garnet’, Cercis canadensis ‘Ruby Falls’, Corylus avellana ‘Annie Purple Dream’ and Hydrangea quercifolia. Rare plants that have that soothe and welcome those who have the privilege of experiencing the exclusivity of this terrace in every season.

The colours change with the cycle of the seasons, turning from the red of the leaves in autumn to the white and lilac of spring blooms. Nature can live out its cyclicality even on the terrace if it is treated by someone who knows its every secret and knows how to use all its potential for scenic purposes.

Living on a terrace in the city requires privacy and methodically organised spaces. In this particular context, the Archiverde design gives exclusivity and elegance to the outdoor environment, guaranteeing privacy to those who live there. Inventing and creating a valuable green space is a prerogative of those who know how to combine beauty, spectacle and quality.

A great commitment that includes patient research guided by passion and experience of Italian style signed by professionals who know how to interpret it and export it to the world. With this creation Archiverde is on the terrace of a 500 square metre penthouse in Gallarate and here Christmas 2020 will have an exotic … unexpected ‘flavour’.

Cesare Zacchetti