Creation of a Residential Park at Lake Orta: The Extraordinary Transformation by Archiverde

July 10, 2024by Cesare Zacchetti
Residential Park Creation: The Extraordinary Transformation by Archiverde
Creation of a luxury residential park with Archiverde: discover the transformation of uncultivated land into an oasis with Beola paving, Levocell paths, and a pool with Stoneflex PVC liner.

In the world of landscape design, few projects manage to capture the essence of transformation like the one recently completed by Archiverde at Lake Orta. Located in a beautiful location with a lake view, this residential park is a true testament to the art and innovation that Archiverde brings to every project. Every design detail has been carefully studied to create an environment that harmoniously blends aesthetics and functionality. The use of high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques has allowed the transformation of a common area into a space that not only meets daily needs but also elevates the living experience to new levels of luxury and tranquility.

A key element of this transformation is the use of dry-laid Beola paving, which gives the park a natural and durable appearance. The Levocell paths, with their resistant and refined surface, ensure efficient and safe mobility. Additionally, the creation of a pool with steel panels and Stoneflex PVC liner is the centerpiece of this residential paradise, offering a perfect place to relax with a breathtaking view of Lake Orta. The final result is an oasis of well-being that reflects Archiverde’s commitment to creating high-quality green spaces with excellent design.

Archiverde’s Vision

Creating a residential park requires a clear vision and careful planning. Archiverde began this project with the goal of transforming an uncultivated land into a refined and functional green area. The choice of dry-laid Beola paving and the Levocell paths were fundamental in creating a natural and harmonious aesthetic. The external decking adds a touch of modernity, while the pool with steel panels and Stoneflex PVC liner offers a place to relax with a breathtaking view of Lake Orta.

The Transformation: Before and After

The attached photos show the extraordinary transformation of the site. The first image depicts the initial state of the land, characterized by disorder and lack of defined structures. The second image, on the other hand, reveals the final result: a well-maintained residential park with an elegant pool, well-defined paths, and lush green areas. This radical change demonstrates Archiverde’s competence and attention to detail.

Schaffung eines Wohnparks am Ortasee: Die außergewöhnliche Transformation von Archiverde

Schaffung eines Wohnparks am Ortasee: Die außergewöhnliche Transformation von Archiverde

Project Details

Explosive Planting

One of the distinctive elements of this project is the explosive planting. Hidcote lavender, ‘Sally Holmes’ roses, grasses, and Mediterranean essences were selected to create a garden rich in colors and scents. These plants not only add visual beauty but also help create a relaxing and welcoming environment.

Dry-Laid Beola Paving

The dry-laid Beola paving is an excellent choice for creating stable and durable walkways. This natural material not only offers superior weather resistance but also adds an aesthetic touch that perfectly integrates with the surrounding environment. Archiverde has expertly used this material to create paths that elegantly and functionally guide residents through the park.

Levocell Path

The Levocell path is another key element of the project. This innovative material offers a resistant and durable surface, perfect for daily use. The choice of Levocell demonstrates Archiverde’s commitment to selecting high-quality materials that ensure the longevity of the project.

Pool with Steel Panels and Stoneflex PVC Liner

The pool is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the residential park. Made with steel panels and Stoneflex PVC liner, this pool is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The Stoneflex material offers a resistant and easy-to-maintain surface, while the steel structure ensures robustness and durability over time. The lake view from the pool adds an additional level of luxury and tranquility.

Archiverde’s Expertise

Archiverde is not just a landscape design company; it is a team of professionals dedicated to transforming every project into a work of art. Their expertise in material selection, planning, and execution of works is evident in every detail of the residential park. Every element, from the Beola paving to the Stoneflex pool, has been carefully selected and installed to ensure an impeccable final result.

A Magnificent Transformation

The transformation of this residential park by Archiverde at Lake Orta is an extraordinary example of how careful planning and the use of high-quality materials can create a luxurious and functional green space. Thanks to the use of Beola paving, Levocell paths, and a pool with steel panels and Stoneflex PVC liner, Archiverde has created an environment that not only meets but exceeds clients’ expectations. This project not only enriches the surrounding landscape but also offers residents a place of relaxation and tranquility with a breathtaking lake view. Archiverde has once again demonstrated why it is a leader in landscape design, creating spaces that are true masterpieces of green architecture.

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