All shades of green… and a few more…

ARCHIVERDE.IT, a significant italian reality, in the field of design and implementation of green spaces. Fifty years of activity, the experience of three generations, 600,000 square metres of plantations and an experienced technical team at the service of those who have a dream and want to make it a reality.
Gardens, which are unique and unrepeatable projects, are created to astonish, surprise and fascinate. Public or private, outdoor spaces must be enhanced and enriched with the respect for the natural environment.

The new headquarters offers customers an immediate overview of the garden product with a large design room, showroom and the underlying nursery.
It is also a point of sale for high quality modern furnishing accessories and vases of all sizes and shapes in every material from classic Sienese terracotta to fibreglass, from porcelain to glass. Archiverde has also experience in the construction and management of outdoor areas as well as the creation of themed scenic designs in artificial rocks
The materials and complements used are very different: resin gravels, reconstructed stones, outdoor scenarios such as open-air rooms, swimming pools and whirlpools designed for the pleasure of those who use them.
It is not the company that speaks for itself but the persuasive power of what it creates. Our way of inventing and creating a green space is a combination of three words that unite the concept of representing a scenario: beauty, spectacularity and quality.
A great commitment involving patient research guided by passion and experience in the sector that makes ARCHIVERDE.IT a well-established reality in Italy.

Cesare Zacchetti